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uropean Commision leaders have led in

holding a minute’s silence to remember the

victims of last week’s Paris terrorist acts.

A short ceremony was held at the Parliament’s plenary chamber in

Brussels on Tuesday, where the French national anthem, La Marseillaise,

was sung. Also present at the ceremony was European Commission

President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU Foreign Policy High Representative

Federica Mogherini.

European Parliament President, Martin Schulz, warned against changing

the EU’s approach to the migration crisis following the attacks and called

for solidarity amongst Europeans.

He said: “The attacks in Paris

were an attack on our

freedoms, an attack against

our European values and our

way of life, an attack against

all of us. In our grief, we

Europeans stand side to side

with the French people.

“We will not allow ourselves to be poisoned by the venom of these

criminals. If we start suspecting all the refugees from Syria, we are throwing

in the same bag the victims and the murderers and that is exactly what

they are looking for.

“More than ever before we will be tolerant and humane, we will fight to

defend our way of life and our open societies.”

18 November 2015




he European Commission has welcomed

a historic, global agreement to tackle

climate change.

A total of 195 countries agreed to a new universal, legally binding

climate deal negotiated in Paris as part of COP21. The summit was

extended for 24 hours to allow international negotiators to finalise the

agreement, in what is being seen as a major breakthrough in the fight

against climate change.

The plan sees governments agree to a long term goal of keeping the

increase in global average temperature this century to below 2°C

above pre-industrial levels but with a new determination to limit the

increase to 1.5°C.

The deal calls for global emissions to peak as soon as possible, though

recognises that this will take longer for developing countries,

and to undertake rapid

reductions thereafter in

accordance with the

best available science.

European Commission

President Jean-Claude

Juncker commented:

“This robust agreement

will steer the world

towards a global clean energy transition. This deal is also a success for

the EU. We have long been the global leader in climate action, and the

Paris Agreement now reflects our ambition worldwide.”

Governments also vowed to come together every five years to set more

ambitious targets and review overall progress. States agreed to report

to each other and the public on the advances made in implementing

their targets.

14 December 2015




he UK prime minister has set out the key

areas where he wants to see reform of the EU

during a speech at Chatham House, in London.

The address follows a letter from David Cameron to European Council

President Donald Tusk outlining the various demands. The UK leader

described the task as “mission possible”, though acknowledged a difficult

road ahead. He added that a second EU membership referendum would

not take place.

Cameron outlined that there should be increased competitiveness in the

EU, along with a targeted reduction in the “burden” of bureaucracy as

well as protection of the Single Market for the UK and other EU member

states not using the

single currency.

The prime minister said:

“At the heart of this

negotiation is actually a

very simple question: is

the European Union

flexible enough to accommodate the concerns of its very different member

states. The answer to that question must be yes if the EU is to survive and

prosper in the future.”

The UK leader added that there should be limitations on the access to

in-work benefits for EU migrants and that the UK should be excused

from an “ever-closer union” in addition to strengthened EU member

state legislatures.

10 November 2015

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