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ustainability and modern military logistics are a natural fit

as supply lines are, and always have been, the key to

success on the battlefield. Fuel and water are critical

resupply items, and the by-products of combat and training

operations include tremendous quantities of wastewater, oily

waste and solid waste streams, which further tax the logistics

organisations. Abroad, long supply lines and the reliance upon

convoys, burn pits or host nationals for waste treatment have

highlighted force protection vulnerabilities, while domestically,

NATO training exercises often overwhelm the host’s ability to

support the exercise forces. The reclamation and reuse of water

and energy resources with the resultant reduction in demand

and vulnerabilities give NATO forces a militarily relevant

sustainability option.

Terragon Environmental Technologies

Terragon Environmental Technologies of Montreal, Canada, was

founded with the mission to create sustainable, zero-discharge

habitats through total resource re-utilisation. Two key products, the

Micro Auto Gasification System (MAGS) and Wastewater

Electrochemical Treatment Technology (WETT), enable military land

forces, ships and remote communities to harvest valuable thermal

energy from waste streams and to reclaim wastewater for reuse,

vastly reducing the demand for potable water. These systems are

rugged, transportable, simple to operate and maintain, and are

suitable for small and large base camps.

MAGS is a gasification appliance contained within a single 20’

ISO or two TriCon containers, accepting up to one tonne per day of

combustible solid waste such as plastics, food waste, dunnage,

textiles, medical waste, and used oils and fuels. MAGS reduces

the waste volume cleanly by 95% through an ultra-fuel-efficient

gasification process and exports over 100kW of excess thermal

energy in the form of hot water. This energy offsets fuel use and is

useful for heating water prior to reverse osmosis (RO) purification

and hot water heaters, and for warming air for space heating.

MAGS is also a type-approved solution for ships, complying with

the new International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and

meeting EU emissions standards.

Terragon’s WETT systems enable the reclamation of wastewater

using a novel electrochemical coagulation process that is

extremely energy efficient, effective and free from chemical

additives, biological processes and consumable filters. WETT-G

reclaims grey-water from showers, kitchens and laundry, removing

75% of biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD/COD) and

90% of total suspended solids (TSS), making water ready for

immediate reuse within non-potable applications. This water can

be made potable through additional operations such as RO.WETT-S

treats highly contaminated water (human waste, medical fluids,

pathogen laden water) via an additional electro-oxidation stage to

destroy pathogens

in situ,

making the effluent safe for discharge

without further treatment. WETT-O, for oily water, is type-approved

for ship bilge water, reducing residual oils to five parts per million

or less.

Terragon’s technologies are ideal for military operations as they

are rapid to deploy, set up, start, stop and re-deploy. Operations

are extremely simple and maintenance is accomplished with

common tools and skills. The systems greatly reduce supply and

waste logistics burdens whilst protecting both the soldiers and the

environment within which they live, train and fight.

Dr Peter Tsantrizos

Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc.

+1 514 938 3772

Sustainable supply lines

Terragon Environmental Technologies introduces sustainable waste

solutions for modern military use